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Strategic Planning

Our comprehensive planning approach ties together the client's personal and business objectives into a decision-making framework:

Through data collection and discussions we create a Preliminary Business Valuation and a Transition Readiness Assessment that show the current status of the business, including any red flags and action items required to move the process forward.

Next, we work to align all business owner objectives for the transaction and prepare the owner and business for any associated transition. We work collaboratively with legal, tax, and other financial advisors to ensure the entire process is connected, helping clients synthesize advice across all subject-matter experts to make a well-informed decision.

​Ultimately, the business owner decides the timing and nature of any potential exit. There are many options, but knowing what it takes to accomplish the desired exit helps relieve anxiety that often accompanies this process.

Value Creation

​For growth periods and longer exit time frames, significant Value Creation activities help meet business owner or investor objectives. We connect relevant improvement initiatives to value-driving factors identified during our planning process.

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Strategic Planning          Value Creation
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